1. Use Pattern Interrupts To Break Through The Noise

We live in a noisy world and it’s only getting more noisy so in order to stand out in the marketplace you must use what are called pattern Interrupts.

There is a concept in psychology, that most people operate in patterns. And if you look at how you do things that you do frequently, you’re basically running on autopilot. For example, if you’ve ever gotten in your car and then started thinking about something and then ended up at your destination, that’s a perfect example of being in a pattern. You already know how to drive the car and your brain can go somewhere else, but it wasn’t the case the first time you did that. So when you’re attracting your ideal customers you must break their pattern in order for them to pay attention to you. If you’re advertising, then this is called stopping the scroll. It could be done with images for unique headlines. But you must first interrupt the pattern, otherwise everything you say after that will be moot and they won’t even pay attention to you or your message.

2. Who Has Their Attention?

The smart businesses that run “twice as fast” use leverage. And the greatest leverage is using the assets or access of other people. Someone already has access to your ideal customers and all you have to do is either make a deal with them or pay them a small fee to put your message in front of them. An easy example is Facebook, Instagram or Google. They have the attention of your ideal customers, so if you pay them you can stand on their shoulders and reach them.

The problem is when most people try to advertise on one of these platforms, they use bland messaging. But now that you know about pattern interrupt, you can use that in your messaging successfully. Using these first two points will multiply the effectiveness of your advertising. Businesses need to stop wasting your resources on things that are equivalent to flyers and junk mail. What’s always boggled our minds is why businesses use junk mail while everybody in the world sorts their mail standing next to a garbage can throwing away junk mail while keeping the letters. Why would you think that your ideal customers would do any different than you?

Your advertising must make every effort to not look like an advertisement.

3. Sell The First Step

The next mistake that businesses make is trying to sell the product in the first message or the first conversation.

This is foolish because if you look at your own life, the best relationships that you’ve had have been gradual and if you were to rush those relationships too fast, they might have not even gotten off the ground. Instead of selling the end product, sell the next step in each stage. This is what is called Building a Pipeline and you can build a pipeline from one headline, to one sentence, to one action, to one phone call, to a secondary phone call, to a meeting, to an offer, to a quote, to a contract and finally to payment. The key is not to jump the gun and only focus your energy on selling the first step followed by the next.

4. Find Out The Why Behind The Why

This is a Key point. People buy the same thing for different reasons. Read that sentence again. People buy the same thing for different reasons.

So when you start a conversation with a potential prospect or client, if you start pitching them before you identify what they’re why is, then you’re gonna have horrible results. Many sales people use the shotgun approach where they throw everything up against the wall hoping that one of those messages will resonate with the prospect to close the sale. But it’s so much easier to find out the why behind the why through conversation by asking them questions.

They will tell you everything you need to know about why they are buying what they’re buying. Then your job is to only sell them that and nothing else.

5. Communicate Your Natural Scarcity + Urgency

Your business cannot service an unlimited number of customers tomorrow. Yet we do not communicate that limitation to the market. And it is one of the most powerful methods to get people who are on the fence or need that extra little push to sign up with you and become a customer. The way you do this is you look at how many clients you can legitimately service over the next 30 days. While providing high-quality service. Then communicate that in the market. Your message will be multiple times more effective and you’re speaking the absolute hundred percent truth.

6. Make The Offer

Last but not least is the call to action. There’s an old saying in sales that timid salespeople have skinny kids. And that is true. You can do all of the great stuff we listed in points 1 to 6 but if you do not make the offer at the end, all of it will be for nothing. Making offers in the marketplace is how a business makes sales and how a business grows. Stand behind your product 100% and make the call to action. If you feel that your product is not up to par then improve the quality of the product so that you can be confident in making that call to action.

The more offers you make the more dollars you make.